Nothing announce UK tour and release remix

By June 30, 2016 Manchester, News

Following the release of their critically acclaimed new album ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’, Philadelphia’s Nothing have announced a full European tour through September and October, with UK dates beginning September 11th at Bristol’s Start The Bus.

Nothing band

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As well as their forthcoming 35-date European tour, Nothing have enlisted pioneering electronic producer Ryan Hemsworth to remix ‘Nineteen Ninety Heaven’. Although an unlikely pairing, the results are warped, moving and deeply atmospheric. Frontman Domenic Palermo offers insight into the personal struggles that inspired the track:

“When I began writing this song it had a very dreamy vibe. I envisioned dreams that would occur in my early teens when I started to deal with my earliest signs of fear and anxiety. When I was 13 an older friend gave me LSD without telling me. I had come home acting very erratic and my recently deceased father, who had recently gone from being an abusive alcoholic to an abusive born again Christian, held me in a corner and screamed in tongues at me while holding his hands across my forehead. I had a really unfortunate time that held an effect on me for a while. I’d start to urinate in my own bed from the horrible things my mind was projecting on myself. I started to try and keep myself awake by pretending I was a spy or soldier, or someone who was more brave. Reality was hard to decipher during that time. I got past it eventually and stopped peeing the bed, unless I’m really drunk.”

Ryan Hemsworth adds, “Nothing definitely gives me hope for the 13 or 14 year old kid right now who wants to learn guitar and can’t find any good new bands. I hope they find Guilty Of Everything and listen to it 200 times, and thenTired Of Tomorrow 300 times.”

Listen to the ‘Nineteen Ninety Heaven’ (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) via BandCamp