TrashPit Records announce UK release of Acey Slade album

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By October 20, 2009 September 26th, 2013 Manchester

TrashPit Records have announced the UK release of the debut album from Acey Slade And The Dark Party scheduled for January 2010 through Cargo Distribution.

acey live in Manchester

New York-based musician Acey Slade (Murderdolls / Dope / Trashlight Vision) is set to release a self-titled new album from his new project The Dark Party in January 2010 with special edition copies being dispatched in December of this year.

“There are so few artists who are really willing to put themselves out there and show other sides of their creativity.” Slade explains. “As a guy who is known for doing three chords and a cloud of thunder type guitar rock, I really took a chance by doing this album. And what I’m most proud of is the fact that I took this chance. To take big risks means risking falling on your face. By just taking this risk, I’ve already accomplished what I wanted to do.”
Produced by English Drum and Bass producer Shaun Morris (DJ Stakka), the album is set to be unlike anything the artist has done before.
“This is for people who still believe that music is important enough to search out and take time to appreciate listening to. You don’t get the same ‘intimacy’ from hearing a song on a MySpace page as you do from going to a store and buying it. When you go through the process of buying the physical CD and have all the art work, you invest in a friendship with both the band and the music.”
‘The Dark Party‘ is scheduled for release in January 2010 with Limited Edition pre-orders taken from Halloween on October 31. These will include a limited edition VIP Virtual Party Pack will be available with exclusive ‘After Party’ EP featuring remixes and exclusive tracks, button badge set, collectable band laminate and photo.
Slade‘s band will play a one-off show at The Graveyard Bash II, Ruby Lounge, Manchester October 25.
For more information visit the official MySpace.

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