Marta Zlakowska discusses what she learned from Tricky, new album, “When It’s Going Wrong”

By Dom Smith
By March 17, 2023 Featured, Features, Interviews, News

In our latest Artist Spotlight, we talk to Marta Zlakowska about the creative inspirations behind new album, “When It’s Going Wrong”. 

S] Hi Marta, how are you doing today?

Hi! I’m good, thank you. I’m excited about the upcoming album release, it’s been a while since we recorded it, so I can’t wait to share it with the world.

S] What sort of things are motivating you outside of music at the moment – think movies, art, people, and places

The people around me motivate me the most, simple everyday life, the good parts, and the struggles. I’m learning to listen to myself also, this feeling of trying to please everybody, can really hold you back.

S] What does ‘When It’s Going Wrong’ mean to you as a whole, now that it’s complete?  

When I met Tricky, suddenly from being a bartender I started traveling the world, singing in places I could never dream of. After that, we began working in a studio and I had so much to learn. I feel like me and Tricky have some unspoken connection while we record. For me, When It’s Going Wrong is a summary of all these experiences throughout the years, the story of my journey, but it’s also filled with all the struggles and mixed emotions accompanying me through the lockdown.

S] Talk us through the creative process for a track like ‘Moving Through Water’?

As I mentioned earlier, I think me and Tricky have a good connection while recording. We are reacting to each other in a way I can’t really explain. It’s like a conversation between us. Moving Through Water was one of the first songs we recorded for the album. When I heard the guitar riff, a melody came to me almost instantly and from that point, we really wanted to keep it very simple.

S] Are there any experiences from the creation of this album that you will remember for the rest of your life, if so, why?

I will remember the struggle of lockdown. It was hard to travel and plan the recordings. This was a very vulnerable time for everybody. All these mixed emotions – frustration, sadness, and a little bit of hopelessness, but I tried my best to express that through these songs.

S] How do you define success as an artist now?

Everybody defines success in different ways. For me, it is being able to do what I love, to make music and perform, and if any of my songs can help someone in hard times that makes me feel fulfilled. 

S] What about legacy, do you think much about your legacy as an artist?

I feel like I’m just at the beginning of my journey. Now I’m focused on being honest with what I do, I’m also still finding my own voice, my own way. I can only hope that someone will appreciate it.

S] What are the core lessons, or nuggets of wisdom that you have taken from your various collaborations with Tricky over the years?

I learned a lot throughout the years. Mostly to not be so hard on myself, and to stop trying to make something perfect. Tricky very often says “You don’t make the music, music makes you.”

S] Your voice is so striking, can you tell me where you first “found” it, what were you doing at the time when you first realised you could sing?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember, to be honest. When my friends were asking me to sing for them, that was probably the time I realized I was good at it. After that, I started taking it more seriously, so I went to a music school, I started from learning classical music and it gave me a technical background that helped me feel more confident and comfortable with my voice.

S] This is where we check that I’ve done my job properly, is there anything that you’d like to plug and promote before we finish?

I would like to invite you to listen to my debut album “When It’s Going Wrong” that’s going to be released 31st March.

 S] Thanks so much for making time for me today, Marta, I appreciate it.