Matt Kindt talks about writing BRZRKR with Keanu Reeves, how he got his jobs with DC and Dark Horse

By Dom Smith
By January 21, 2022 March 6th, 2022 Comics, Features, Interviews, News

In our latest comic-related chat, Dom catches up with artist and writer, Matt Kindt to discuss his epic career, and get some tips on how to get work with the likes of DC and Dark Horse.

In the chat below, Matt discusses his creative process, some creative highlights, and future projects.

Ever-excited to continue the creative grind, Matt has found it difficult to “switch off” in the past, but has, in recent years tried to train himself to take time away from his computer: “The best thing I can do, is leave the laptop at the studio. If I want to work, I have to drive to the studio! Inspiration comes from books and movies, but there has come a point where I have been reading and working so much, that I haven’t even had time to do those things! I’m getting back to that now.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Matt talks about some key lessons he has learned through his career, and unsurprisingly, he says that collaboration is key: “Pick your collaborators carefully. You wanna work with someone who is smarter, or better than you to raise the project up.”

Matt goes on to refer to himself as a “writer-artist”, where the writing comes first, and he finds it difficult to give that part of the process up: “If I’m just drawing, I’m never happy,” he says.

When discussing how to get jobs with renowned companies like DC or Marvel, as he has done, Matt talks about creating your own work first, as a portfolio: “Do your own things first, especially if you are a writer-artist. Do a few books that are fully your vision. Show that you can do the work, and finish it.”

Matt talked about how the people in charge are fans of comics too, and to remember that they are going to be checking out indie comics for enjoyment: “These people go to the comic shop every week. They have to read DC and Marvel stuff, but they might buy Image and Dark Horse stuff, or indie stuff – they’re looking for someone who is doing something new.”

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