New York Pavements share emotive new video, ‘Long Way Down’

By Dom Smith
By January 30, 2023 January 31st, 2023 Culture, News

‘Long Way Down’ is about the feelings of isolation and separation associated with some mental health conditions. The video uses previously unseen footage from the Cannes award-winning short, ‘Outside The Glasshouse’.

It graphically depicts the depression of the central character Jack, his aimless wandering, suicidal thoughts and disassociation from the world.

On reaching his lowest point in ‘Long Way Down’ his despair is interrupted by a light of hope in an unexpected text in this powerfully emotional music video.

‘Long Way Down’ is taken from New York Pavements’ forthcoming concept album, ‘Outside The Glasshouse’ from which all profits are being donated to mental health charity Andy’s Man Club which does great work to combat the grim statistic that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50.

New York Pavements prepare to release an album that aims to change society. Their dynamic debut album Outside The Glasshouse, which is out on 13th March 2023.

Outside the Glasshouse is a classic concept album with a modern rock sound that nods to past influences such as The Who and The Stone Roses. The concept album, with accompanying photographic essay and DVD tells the story of one man’s downward spiral of divorce, redundancy and rejection. It represents so many who struggle in their middle years – the age group with the highest prevalence of male suicide. The effect of the ‘male mid-life crisis’ is devastating as it touches partners, mothers, lovers and children. Outside The Glasshouse shines a light on this rarely discussed mental health condition which cuts through the heart of society.

The band’s songwriter and producer Paul Brooking, also wrote and directed the accompanying short film winning many awards including Cannes Shorts, Overcome Festival, London Independent Film Festival, Brooking’s background as a video director includes work with Plan B, Viola Beach and Family Jools.

Talking about the concept of the album, Paul elaborates, “writing and recording the album became a cathartic process, making me happier and more confident. I researched the often ridiculed male ‘mid-life crisis’, and found that this under-researched mental health condition had links to middle aged men taking their own lives. I spoke to as many men as I could and wrote the album around the stories they told me, creating the character of Jack and his struggles, his suicidal condition and his eventual recovery”.

Hailing from West London, New York Pavements are Paul Brooking (producer) and Matt Bond (lead vocals). Between them, they take the swagger of the sixties, the personality of Brit-Pop and biting indie-rock energy of the noughties in order to create a sound that is both curious and cathartic. Previous supporters include Fortitude Magazine, The Vinyl District and With Guitars to name a few.

All profits from the album will go to suicide prevention charity Andy’s Man Club, one of the UK’s fastest growing mental health charities, which organise free peer-to-peer support groups where men meet-up, to open-up. #ITSOKAYTOTALK

At the heart of the project, is a story told through classic rock music with an energy that expresses the lead character’s emotions from anger to bewilderment to despair. With the sobering statistic that suicide is the biggest killer of men under fifty, New York Pavements are keen to reach men facing tough challenges in their lives through the power of classic British rock.

Outside The Glasshouse is out on 13th March 2023.