Officers and Colour Of Fire members form House Of Spiders

By September 23, 2022 September 24th, 2022 News, York

Matthew Southall (Officers) and Stuart Jones (Colour Of Fire) open up about the creative inspirations behind their new project…

S] Hey guys, how are you doing?

HOS] Ebullient, and thank you for speaking to us. It’s our first interview.

S] How do you define success as artists now?

HOS] It’s subjective, but for most artists it’s being able to make the music you want to make and do it honestly. Naturally though, you want to know that others like it, and turning people on to your own music is our biggest buzz.

S] What have you got coming up?

HOS] We’re releasing our first EP “House of Spiders 1” across all streaming platforms On October 24th. After that we plan to play a few select live shows if anyone will have us.

S] What is your message to listeners?

HOS] There’s no doubt that we want our music to be memorable and we try to make our stuff heavy on hooks and grooves. We’re just trying to communicate the vibe we’re feeling and hope you feel it too.

S] How do you reflect back on Officers, and Colour of Fire (respectively) now?

HOS] Positively. These two projects were the making of us both as professional musicians as we realised our childhood dreams. We both gathered a lot of experience, knowledge and connections with some amazing people too, and so we wouldn’t be the people we are today without having had these projects exist.

S] What is your mission statement with this project? 

HOS] We have been working together as musicians since we were teenagers, and House of Spiders is largely our desire to complete unfinished business. We have so much in common when it comes to our musical objectives and we’re finding that since we started this project our output has been staggering. We have worked closely with Ade Fenton (Gary Numan’s producer) to develop our sound and create what we feel is something very special.

S] What are tracks like ‘Less Than Heaven’ and ‘No I in Team’ inspired by?

HOS] ‘Less Than Heaven’ is about a man who realises his life is a simulation, and was inspired by the American cosmologist George Smoot. ‘No I In Team’ is a dig at the main character syndrome evident in way a lot of people behave online now and their incredulity as to why everything they do is not world news.

S] Anything else you would like to plug? 

Probably a shout out to a couple of other artists such as Temple Invisible (brilliant electronic duo from Romania) and The Reason Y (Berlin-based producer/DJ). Worth checking out both.

For more information, visit House Of Spiders’ website.