Our picks for the Top Yorkshire bands of 2023, from Hull and beyond

By Toni Oliver
By February 26, 2023 Hull, News

Local music is something that is a real asset to the music industry, I believe that it is something that really brings the local community together especially if you’re a big music fan like I am, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Yorkshire is full of talent within the music industry, and some very respectable bands are soaring through and grabbing my attention.

Personally, I absolutely love local music, to me, it is something that is a lot more personal, and you get such an amazing experience whether that is at a gig or listening to the artist’s music not once have I found myself disappointed.

I go to gigs regularly as well as playing locally myself and I have always had a pleasant time as well as meeting and listening to many different artists I can tell you now some bands have definitely caught my attention this year.

I believe that sharing people’s music is so important and that is something that I am about to share with you guys now as sharing music and artists is something that I really love to do. There is no order to these bands as I believe all musicians are unique and amazing in their own way and I definitely found this hard to narrow down my options but here are my top ten Yorkshire soaring bands this year!

Candid Faces

Candid Faces (pictured) are a five-piece mixed-gender band that was originally formed as a college band within Yorkshire and these guys are definitely on my top Yorkshire bands list! They are a band that brings out an energy that makes you want to dance, whether in your bedroom listening to them with volume to the max or if you are lucky enough to go and see them live. Candid faces have been showing a great appearance locally and rapidly coming in with new gigs very regularly this year.

This band has a unique sound to themselves and is a band full of personality and drive.

The most recent single that has been brought out is ‘Needle talk’ this song is full of energy, and it definitely screams for interaction as well as the eagerness of you wanting to share the good moments with people around you. With a post-punk energy-filled song, listening to this just makes me want to get up and dance if you haven’t listened to it already, I would fully recommend it, especially I you love a song with a heavy but catchy buzz.

Low Hummer

A band that takes pride in being from Yorkshire this year has really caught my attention and is one of my biggest recommendations yet, this band has even made my Spotify-wrapped playlist many times. There is not a single song that has led to disappointment each song has led to the enjoyment and sometimes has left me playing songs on repeat.

Yorkshire band Low Hummer has been gigging around the UK over the past year sharing the love of what it means to be proud of being from Yorkshire and I know that they have definitely inspired other musicians this year if not for many years that they have been running.

Each member of the band is unique in their own way, and it really brings out the whole personality of a band and is something that everyone truly loves not to mention the kind personality every single member has.

Low Hummer is described as an Alternative Rock band that is originally from Hull and which I have mentioned earlier takes pride in this, keeping you feeling alive here

This song, in particular, isn’t only a recommendation from myself but I believe that it brings great energy into the room and is also a perfect example of them taking pride in being from Yorkshire if not from being a Yorkshire band, the electro-rock sound is really a unique sound that I haven’t yet heard from other bands, this band really stands out with being different.

English Teacher

English teacher is a band that I actually got recommended to by a friend and they have really made it to my everyday playlist. With a mixed-gender band, which is something I personally always admire in a band they give a grungy post-punk sound to their music. The band cleverly link elements of poetry, groovy bass riffs and guitar riffs and it is something that makes the band sound not only very unique but also very confident.

The song that I recommend from this Leeds-based band is a song called “R&B”

The song contains an opening with a beefy bass line which is accompanied by drums as well as this the song also contains a lot of what sounds like spoken word and this is something that really does give a great effect on the song to me I believe that this as well as all the other musical elements.

This song has made many different playlists on my Spotify, and it is the song that now recommends to my friends and family when it comes across in conversation.

The whole sound of the band is poetical, with spoken word and bass lines with guitar and drums and this band definitely does create a lot of tension with there music I imagine this band would be absolutely amazing to see live and they are definitely on my bucket list for 2023

Rolling Over

Rolling Over, a four-piece modern psychedelic, funk and soul band who is Hull-based band has impartially caught my attention this year both musically and by smashing every single live performance they have done this year not a single crowd have left a Rolling Over gig feeling disappointed. They have carefully planned their sets, as well as the whole, and come back as a band. If you want a good gig night out, I suggest going to see Rolling Over if you can do so.

This band have not yet got any music currently recorded but recently speaking to singer Ryan English I have been told that they have some studio time booked which I can assure you now is something to look out for in the coming year!

I asked the band what meant to them to be a band in Yorkshire, and this is what they came out with:

“I think being a band in Yorkshire is great these days! for a long time, it felt like being from Yorkshire and playing in bands made you an underdog. But with bands like Yard Act and English Teacher making waves and more local bands like Low Hummer, it gives you a sense a pride to be part of a growing music scene!”

I think personally that Rolling Over definitely does have a huge potential in Hull or even Yorkshire as time goes on and they are definitely worth your attention.

Yorkshire has many amazing bands and artist’s coming into the scene whether they are new up-and-coming bands or even if they are a band that have been around for a few years, the music scene in Yorkshire is definitely something that is really exciting and is constantly providing us with new content.