Palindrones announce ‘Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity’

By Dom Smith
By March 1, 2023 London, News

Palindrones is a London-based electronic duo. Crafting truly immersive musical landscapes, the multi-instrumentalists meld thumping beats and abrasive synths with lush ambience and hypnotic textures. All framed by their haunting and ethereal vocals, Palindrones are creating a truly unique take on the electronic music genre. It has yielded a sound that is both at home on the stage and in the studio.

After gaining a reputation on the London electronic and industrial scene and relentless live shows, Palindrones are set to release their new album Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity. Their second album sees the duo further explore the concepts of consciousness and human connection. Part one of a two-part concept album, With Fearful Velocity is a “first contact” story, detailing humankind’s reaction to the discovery and visitation of extraterrestrial life. The narrative is influenced by timeless sci-fi stories like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Arrival, Annihilation, The Expanse, and Interstellar.

The album was composed and produced over the summer and winter of 2022, and as the story evolved the choice was made to split the tale into two chapters, with the second slated for release in the near future. The album will also be preceded by a single Samadhi on April 21st with an accompanying video.

For this first chapter, Jamie and Karen have expanded on their usual format for production and arrangement, introducing elements from both techno and trance to add to their established palette of stirring, euphoric textures. And with a much more substantial vocal presence, Karen’s infectious pop melodies and superb voice has the room it needs to really shine through and reach its full range.

Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity, released May 5th on Laniakea Records. Available on digital, CD and USB Flash Drive.