By Dom Smith
By March 24, 2022 Culture, News

Prince Daddy & The Hyena vocalist Kory Gregory claims their latest single out today, “El Dorado,” is like a “crazy man’s tangent; my attempt at adoring the sun regardless of despising its heat.” Others may say it’s the highlight of the Albany, NY band’s latest masterpiece, their self-titled album due out 15th April.

Weaving between the midtempo sweetness of early Third Eye Blind and the grunged-out alt-rock P Daddy has been perfecting for years, it really wouldn’t be a stretch to say “El Dorado” is probably the best song Gregory’s ever written. It all came to him while spending time at an in-patient program at a psyche ward years back.

“One of the only jigsaw puzzles they had in the wing I was assigned to was a huge one in a ziplock bag. Not the original box. So it made the puzzle infinitely more difficult not having the full picture for reference,” Kory explains. “The process of working on a puzzle and figuring out what yr supposed to be creating as you go was essentially an entirely different activity and felt more in line with the real-life puzzles of just being human. A lot of my time went into seeing if finishing that puzzle was feasible without the box.”

Prince Daddy & The Hyena comes out on 15th April and is currently available to pre-order from Pure Noise Records.

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