Rick Maguire discusses PILE’s success, and his own personal development

By Dom Smith
By February 13, 2023 Band, Features, Interviews, News, Spotlight

Rick Maguire opens up to Soundsphere about the creative processes behind the band’s forthcoming album, ‘All Fiction’. 

S] Hi mate, how are you today?

I’m alright. I’ve updated this answer several times because I’ve started typing this interview over a few different days and I want the answer to be true to how I’m doing this very second. And today I’m fine.

S] How do you define success as an artist now?

Independence, whether it be through finances, creativity, or time. Although some might consider being catered to the point of infantilization to be a form of success, I would understand that, too. Seems to be a pretty slippery concept. My definition changes based on a number of factors, but I would say at the moment the combination of freedom and options is a marker of success.

S] How do you look at the legacy of PILE at this time?

Some days I’m proud of how long we’ve been at it.

S] What memories and emotions does ‘Dripping’ as a record conjure for you?

It was a very different time. I was a bit sloppier and dirtier than I am now. I also had the constitution to withstand much more alcohol than I can today. I look back at that period mostly with fondness because of the friendships and novel experiences. But as far as any emotions regarding the material, it doesn’t conjure many potent ones. I’ve been playing those songs consistently since it’s been released, so much like repeating a word over and over, it starts to sound odd and it drifts from its original meaning to a place of nonsense that has apparently existed for a long time.

S] How do ‘Poisons’ and ‘All Fiction’ as a whole, and the new stuff you are working on push you in new ways as an artist?

‘Poisons’ was more in our wheelhouse than the rest of the record. The rest of the album was less guitar-centric than previous records so that was a bit of an exploration. Because of the differences in instrumentation, the live show is shaping into something totally different, so putting that together has been fun and a bit of a puzzle.

S] Is there a message to your UK supporters?

Thank you for supporting us and please come to our upcoming shows.

S] Is there anything else you feel like I’ve missed that you’d like to plug?

I suppose just the record and the shows. Also, if you make movies and are looking for someone to score them, you should ask me.

S] Thanks for your time!

Thanks for your curiosity.

PILE’s new album is out on February 17th, 2023 – https://pile.bandcamp.com/album/all-fiction