Ron Killings (WWE’s R-Truth) talks his ‘Legacy’, new EP and inspirations

By October 27, 2021 Features, Interviews, News, Wrestling

Ron Killings aka (WWE’s R-Truth) with his very own unique style, is changing the face of sports and entertainment culture, merging music and new entertainment experiences as we know it! Coming from Charlotte NC, he’s used to understanding the values of building and sometimes learning (the hard way) from the ground up. Growing up as a dancer, the music life gave him a sense of freedom through expression. Along the way he developed his skills along with a deep appreciation for all things hip-hop, and built relationships and has performed alongside music legends such as Tupac Shakur, TechN9ne, Joey Badazz & RNB legend MYA.

Writing and performing has been a part of Ron Killing’s rap career from the jump. He wrote & produced his WWE theme as R-Truth, “Whassup” which as over 10 million views to date. Most recently, Ron has released a brand new set of music that has unleashed and undeniable reaction of fan and consumer response.

From singles such as “Set It Off” (over 3 million views) “Hit Em Up” (the official song for Facebook Gaming Series sponsored by State Farm), to “Run It” feat Leah Van Dale aka WWE’s Carmella & J-Trx as featured in an episode of the hit entertainment series Total Divas on the E! Network. “Set It Off” (Nov 2019), “Power” (2019 – 2020) along with many more!

“Legacy” is the 1st single & title track of the upcoming EP release “Legacy” produced by J-Trx, scheduled for December 3rd 2021. Ron Killings is on the path to secure a top spot in the hip-hop game by appealing to a worldwide audience and welcoming them in to join Ron on his next phase of the journey to the top of the charts and headlining shows all over the world.

Read our interview with Ron Killings below:

Hey Ron, how are you doing today?

 I’m awesome today!

As a person, how do you define success, what does it mean to you now?

As a person I find success to be what individual chose to be their achievement. Success is in the eyes of the successor. There’s many levels. It means accomplishment to me, it can also mean longevity.

How does this forthcoming EP, push you in new ways as an artist and a performer?

I’ve changed and developed as a person in so many ways, that the maturity part of my development tells me I’ll never stop learning, changing and developing. I’ve learned that life doesn’t come with a handbook, but it come with tools and resources, once you learn yourself, you’ll learn how to use those tools and resources. I’ve learned that I know who Ron Killings is.

You talk about ‘Legacy’ on your new track, what would you like your legacy to be, as an artist?

As an artist, I would like for my legacy to be undeniable, respected, remembered and inspiring.

How does this forthcoming EP, push you in new ways as an artist and a performer?

This EP pushes me in such a dynamic way! I have my own lane, I have an audience that’s world wide! They’ve watched me perform for them for years, but they haven’t seen me perform in the way the EP will have me perform. Lots of my followers know I was a rapper before wrestling and a lot don’t, but one thing for sure, they will know and witness their favorite wrestler is now their favorite rapper, I’m not new to this, I’m true to this!

In what ways, if any did your professional wrestling career help to prepare you for the challenges of being a musician?

Like I said. I was a rapper “ musician “ before a wrestler. You can Google my pics with the late 2pac Shakur, Eazy-E, Kid-n-Play, MC Ren. I stepped into the wonderful world of wrestling looking for a way out of the state of mind and living I was in, and I was welcomed with open arms, the wrestling world has shaped and groomed me from inside out and from head to toe! I connect with them, they connect with me! I’ve learned how to connect! That’s just saying minimal of what being a wrestler has prepared me for. They’ve prepared me to give them my Legacy.

I work with a lot of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and they say all the time, ‘Oh, I want to be like…” or “I wish I was more like”, and they really struggle with their self-image and confidence, have you ever felt like that, and how did you combat it?

Yes 100 percent! We ALL will come to question and doubt ourselves at some point in life. This goes back to learning yourself or ourselves. We can sometimes be our own worst enemy. It’s ok to question one’s self to gain more confidence and reassurance on who you are, to build more faith, and ALWAYS learn to be your own cheerleader! If you don’t believe in you, don’t wait or expect anyone else to. In fact it’s you that needs to boost build and push you.

How do you look back on the success of your early work, and your 2016 album, ‘KillingIt’ now? 

From Killing’it to now, is night and day, but the weather was still good, Actually it’s good to be able to look back to see that you DID go forward! Soooo much more maturity, so much more self-control, so much more faith, and I have a Team! Started with my producer who believed in me and we went from there!

What’s motivating you outside of music and wrestling, on days when things get difficult – think family, friends, games for example?

Discipline. Family and friends are like your foundation, that’s who what and why you do what you do. There are times in life where we tend to get the short end of the stick, or get in a slump, or relationship problems, personal problems, depression, etc. I feel like life can throw and hit you with a ball of life and it can take all the motivation, hope and desire out off of you making it hard to breath, but discipline will get yo’ ass back in line and breathing again, learn self-control then you can control you and a lot of times things around you.

What is your message to fans in the UK and beyond who are discovering your music, and mission as a musician?

I love my UK fans! For my UK fans who knew I was a rapper before a wrestler, thank you for your long time support and you’re in for a treat, to my UK fans who didn’t know I was a rapper first, thank you for your support also, and oh yea y’all betta buckle up!