65daysofstatic to release ‘Silent Running’ score in November

By October 11, 2011 December 29th, 2021 Sheffield

At the start of 2011 65daysofstaitc did a live re-score to the 1972 sci-fi film ‘Silent Running’ at the Glasgow Film Festival. At the time, it was thought that it would be limited to those two nights but that expanded and there became a demand for release. So this is exactly what 65daysofstatic have done. The record will be released on November 14.


“Writing it has been a cluster-f*** of messy technology and syncing issues that we will hopefully sweep into the corners of the stage and cover with a rug of sci-fi bleeps and pointless-but-fun melodrama. The music is original, noisy, and kind of old-school 65, inspired by watching a man in an all-in-one talk to a rabbit, eat a melon and engage in aggressive gardening,” says the band.

This ‘Silent Running’ soundtrack has been pressed onto heavyweight vinyl – the only way they could do it to fit with the warm analog fuzz of the original film. Having a record released this way has also necessitated the tumultuous return of Dustpunk Records – a beast that has long lain dormant. It released the band’s first ever EP ten years ago.

Burial Scene, taken from the album is available as a free download here: http://soundcloud.com/65daysofstatic/burial-scene/s-RkRnm

The tracklistings are below:


Limited Edition ‘Silent Running’ tracklisting:


Side A


‘Space Theme’
‘The Announcement’
‘Safe Distancing’
‘The Scattered Disk’
‘Burial Scene’

Side B


‘Broken Ship Ruse’
‘Space Montage’

The bonus EP for the digital version includes the following tracks:

‘Save the Forest’
‘Cosmic Wind’
‘Valley Forge Theme’
‘Shovel Fight’


The album will be available from: store.65daysofstatic.com.



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