The Drums Release Two New Singles ‘Plastic Envelope’ And ‘Protect Him Always’

By Jay Mitchell
By May 11, 2023 News

New York indie-pop project The Drums has today released two more singles. ‘Plastic Envelope’ and ‘Protect Him Always’ follow ‘I Want It All’ which was released last month.

The Drums led by Jonny Pierce is currently working on album which will be the first studio album since 2019’s Brutalism. A release date for the album hasn’t currently been announced but with the flow of new music fans will be hoping it’s not too far off.

The two singles flow seamlessly into each other to create what is essentially one song. Shared on YouTube as one video, Pierce takes an introspective look at his emotions and feelings.

Exploring the new tracks Pierce said “Plastic Envelope is about the pain that comes when your trust has been violated and the dread of not knowing if you could open your heart again the same way”. Adding to this “the second song, Protect Him Always is an apology to the young boy in me, who I try my best to protect, knowing that when I get hurt, he gets hurt all over again”.

With an ever growing fan base thanks to the viral hit song ‘Money’, people will be eager to hear what comes next from The Drums.