The Drums Share New Single ‘The Flowers’

By Jay Mitchell
By September 20, 2023 Culture, News

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of The Drums latest album Jonny next month, a last taste of the album has been released with ‘The Flowers’. Keeping with the theme of the previously released singles, ‘The Flowers’ is a reflective song that tackles Jonny Pierce’s past head on.

Speaking on the meaning of the track Pierce says “with ‘The Flowers’ I explain how slowing down and being tender saved my life and how it became the key to loving myself, building confidence in myself, and being able to love another in a meaningful way. To love from a place that isn’t desperate, but from a place that is centred, calm, and gentle and sweet.”

With lyrics that carry a sense of melancholy, the music itself is the complete opposite. ‘The Flowers’ has the signature alt-pop sound that fans of The Drums have instantly connected with. Through catchy guitar riffs and drum machines, the track has an uplifting feel even if the lyrics aren’t as upbeat.

Jonny features 16 tracks including the five previously released singles. The album looks at Jonny Pierce’s journey confronting the deep-rooted childhood trauma he experienced growing up in a cult-like religious community in upstate New York, and ultimately coming through the other side to a place of newfound self-understanding and self-love.

Jonny releases October 13th via ANTI-

Jonny tracklist:

  1. I Want It All
  2. Isolette
  3. I’m Still Scared
  4. Better
  5. Harms
  6. Little Jonny
  7. Plastic Envelope
  8. Protect Him Always
  9. Be Gentle
  10. Dying
  11. Green Grass
  12. Obvious
  13. The Flowers
  14. Teach My Body
  15. Pool God
  16. I Used to Want To Die

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