The Goodwin Trust announce Hull Youth Music Network

By July 18, 2022 Hull, News

Hull’s Goodwin Music Trust has announced a music showcase event, aimed at helping young people to better coordinate the music industry in East Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

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The Hull Youth Music Network event will take place on August 9, 2022, and will include advice, and tutoring from music industry professionals, monthly community meetings, collaboration between local musicians, and the ability to practice and nurture skills by using workshops, and guest speakers. “We are currently launching the new Hull Youth Music Network, which is a new community for 16-29-year-olds,” say Cameo Brooks, Youth Music Facilitator at The Goodwin Trust. “People will be able to learn, collaborate and elevate as well as voice their opinions on what they would like to see in the music scene, and the industry.”

The workshops run during these events will allow young people to learn a range of skills, from Events Management to instruments and production. “We’ve also got The Music Lab, which takes place every Tuesday from 1pm at The Polar Bear,” says Cameo. “The idea is to offer more hands-on experience to create music. We are also offering professional tutoring for guitar, drums, keyboards and loads more instruments.”

Cameo himself is a young person who has accessed support in Hull before to focus on his rap career, says that the skills he has learned in Events Management have helped in his role at The Goodwin: “I’ve been involved in Events Management with the Hull Youth Music Network, and doing Social Media Management setting up Instagram, and Facebook pages, as well as Graphic Design and Content Creation for the Network.”

The Goodwin Trust is focused on providing opportunities for young people, and has been a core part of the creative community for many years. “It’s about involving young people music, in a way that they wouldn’t necessarily get to do,” Jed Rhodes, YAT and Youth Music Support Worker adds.

The welcoming nature of The Goodwin is well-documented, and the organisation will welcome anybody 16-29-years-old who is interested in music, and the creative industries. Cameo echoes the feel-good vibe of the upcoming events: “Projects like this are great, and can help people feel more comfortable getting involved in these sessions. Everyone is always really supportive and friendly to those who walk through the door.”

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