The Maddocks return with latest single ‘If Anyone Can’

By Levi Mulholland

Stockport post-punk quartet The Maddocks return with the new single ‘If Anyone Can’, a more mysterious and enigmatic take on their sound.

Following up their debut single, ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’, The Maddocks offer up further insight into the breadth of their sound and influence on new single ‘If Anyone Can’, focusing lyrically on the frustration and uncertainty that can occur in the pursuit of relationships. The band explain “’If Anyone Can’ was the first song we wrote together as The Maddocks. The lyrics address those feelings of exasperation we’ve all experienced when trying to work out what to do when people don’t make their intentions clear. Ultimately, the song is about how often the best thing to do in those situations is to sack it off and let go, because nobody wants to be stuck in a cycle like that. The actual name of the song, however, is completely unrelated; it’s from the slogan of a defunct computer shop in Fallowfield. We just thought it was funny.”

‘If Anyone Can’ is slated for release on May 19th- you can pre-save the single HERE

Taking inspiration from the likes of Fontaines D.C., shame and Queens of the Stone Age, the band display their ability in storytelling, exploring the feelings of being trapped in a grey area. The band have experienced a wave of success already, receiving support from the likes of Tim Burgess, John Kennedy (Radio X) and Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio, XS Manchester). This is addition to two sold-out headline shows just a year after forming.

‘If Anyone Can’, as with their debut single, was recorded and produced by the band in their rehearsal room in Fallowfield, as well as at Rubber Soul Studios, Stockport. The track was then mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios. The Maddocks look set for success as they receive more and more praise with every release and show no sign of slowing down.