The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylönen talks the band’s new line-up, entering Eurovision and favourite UK shows

By January 18, 2022 March 6th, 2022 Features, Interviews, News, Spotlight

The Rasmus’ has opened up to Soundsphere about the band’s new line-up, entering Eurovision in 2022, and some of his favourite UK memories. For more check out the links below:

On the band’s exciting plans for Eurovision after two years of Covid: “We are really excited and happy,” he says: “That’s one of the reasons we are doing Eurovision, because we wanted the challenge and to feel like we are doing something.”

When discussing the Eurovision track, ‘Jezebel’, Lauri states that working with Desmond Child was a great experience on the whole, after having the original idea last summer. “He’s worked with Bon Jovi and KISS, the list of hits is endless.

“I texted him that we had to write the best song in the world. I flew from Hawaii where I live, to Greece – 35 hours to get myself to Greece where we wrote the song together. I’m honoured to know him.”

Lauri sees a lot of himself in the character presented in ‘Jezebel’ too: “It’s about a person who does things in her own way, not giving a damn what people think. I can totally relate to that. It’s a tribute to the brave people.”

When reflecting on the “lifetime” that he has had with The Rasmus (28 years!), and all their success, he says that over time the band has been lucky enough to change and develop their sound, and now there is a new line-up (Emilia ‘Emppu’ Suhonen replaces Pauli Rantasalm): “It will take the band to another level. We’ve had so much fun together now.”

In terms of the success The Rasmus has had, Lauri reflects on how lucky he has been to have these opportunities and experiences, and reflects on his first times in the UK, playing shows and chilling with friends: “When we were 17/18 we used to drink beers in Hyde Park. Those experiences will stay with me for life!”

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