Top Candidates for the next Firefly Fun House match in WWE

By April 10, 2020 April 15th, 2020 News

Since we’re gonna be in this pandemic for a good long while yet, and this whole new WWE cinematic universe seems like a viable way to succeed, we look at three WWE Superstars that could go into the Firefly Fun House, now or in the future….

Roman Reigns

Okay, well….I know the WWE isn’t making Roman Reigns compete right now, because (quite rightly) because of his two previous battles with Leukemia, BUT, in theory they could check Bray’s temperature, check a ref (do you need a ref?), and check Roman’s temperature, then crack on with the weird and wonderful match?! Right? Maybe.

Bray could really get into Roman’s head here, reflect on his insecurities regarding The Shield, but also his constant battles to get to the top (perhaps leaving out his illness), and never quite being WWE’s golden boy…

The Undertaker

Does this write itself? I think it kinda does. They could do this in a Boneyard Match or as a Fun House thing, and it’d be awesome. Bray could win a Fun House match, and Taker could maybe get his revenge in a Boneyard match? Maybe. I dunno. Still, this would be incredible, the theatrics would be awesome, and whoever wins it would be a match for the ages.

Bray could bring back mean Mark Calloway, he could allude to his bossy backstage antics as the big dog of the locker room and challenge his authority. Bray could also examine whether or not Taker lost it after the streak ended, and really dig the knife in…

Braun Strowman

This is possible the most interesting match here, as it could be for the title, but it doesn’t need it, man. Bray and Braun’s history writes itself. Bray could challenge Braun’s “hype”, and take him down based on the fact that it took someone else’s illness (Roman) for him to finally win big, not to mention the copious Wyatt family references. I think it would be bloody glorious.

What do you think?

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