The Top Five Most Exciting Alternative Artists In Preston, Lancashire featuring Better Without Money, Whinge and more

By Harry Hodgson
By February 18, 2022 Manchester, News

FMA + 12 Gage – FMA + 12 Gage are a father and son rap duo from Preston. Their music blends genres of hardcore hip-hop, electronic music, and metal seamlessly to create a sound so unique that it manages to comfortably set them apart from others. The group started in 2013 and have since released their debut album ‘Parental Advisory’ in 2019 along with an EP entitled ‘The Takeover’ in 2020. They have been consistently gigging over the past few years and their energetic, intense live shows take their music to another level.

Dogship – Dogship are a three-piece acid punk band from Preston. Their music is dark and exciting with them blending elements of classic punk rock with more alternative and contemporary sounds. Formally known as The Effigy, Dogship have been playing together since 2018 and have put out two brilliant singles ‘Blame The Youth’ and ‘Misanthropy’. Their live shows include a plethora of unreleased material that once put out into the world, will make sure to turn heads. Their influences include Slaves, Lady Bird and The Blinders.

LEFT – LEFT is a punk band from Preston whose music can be described as explosive, powerful, and fierce. Described by those who have caught them live as ‘noisy buggers’, LEFT is a band that are sure to leave a lasting impression to anyone who hears them. Their EP ‘Sharon’ released in 2019 is a brilliant body of work with the opening track ‘Generation Me’ being the true standout. It’s a song that has humorous, bleak lyricism mixed with screamed vocals and a head-banging guitar groove.

Better Without Money – Better Without Money is the music project of 17-year-old Logan Webb. He has stated that BWM asks big questions facing the young generations of our society today and tries to answer them through lively pop vocals and run of new and interesting guitar sounds’. Since 2020, the project has put out two EPs along with a couple of singles. Recently BBC Lancashire radio have dubbed the new single ‘I Don’t Hate You (I Just Hate My Life)’ as single of the week. The track ‘Need You’ released in 2021 is the song that sees Better Without Money at the strongest in my opinion with its bouncy, airy chorus and the soft, warm vocals courtesy of Logan.

Whinge – Whinge are a post-punk DIY garage rock band that blend tongue in cheek lyricism with blistering instrumentals. Their song topics range between horse girls, the city of Preston itself and a hatred for Tories. Much like FMA + 12 Gage, Whinge really excel when it comes to live performances with them playing numerous sets at the iconic Preston venue The Ferret along with them also making an appearance at last year’s Manchester Psych Fest. Their single ‘The Worst One’ was released on Bandcamp in 2019 a week before the general election with the simple message, don’t vote Tory. The band are currently having their debut EP mastered with it looking to be set to be released sometime this year.

Harry Hodgson

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