Von Gutenberg Issue #8, on stands now

By March 26, 2014 November 6th, 2016 News

Sporting a candy-pink background and TLC star Megan Massacre on its cover, Publisher Erik von Gutenberg releases issue # 8 of his international Fashion Magazine. Megan is the star of shows ‘N.Y. Ink’ alongside ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and the go-to model/personality when it comes to modern tattooing.


2013 saw enormous strides in the Von Gutenberg publishing world. There was the complete digitisation of all Von Gutenberg issues, the publication of the company’s first eBook All The Word’s A Rage, the launch of the company’s online couture shop and the further reach of global distribution Erik has always strived for with his Fashion Magazine. Panama, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and Hong Kong have been added to the list of countries that now carry Von Gutenberg Magazine.

This fall/winter issue of the Latex Couture quarterly also features models Bibiana Atada from Switzerland and Germany’s Onna Sakura as well as others, plus the usual seductive photo features, this time from world renowned photographers like Phillip Faith and Florida’s Antonio Angelo Piracci. Robin Archer’s House of Harlot, Austria’s Mad Duck Designs and Louis Fleischauer’s AMF Korsets from Germany are the designers in issue eight.

“With all modesty I must say this is the best Von Gutenberg Magazine yet…though I say that at the publication of each new issue of course,” Erik adds with a chuckle. “What we all strive for is to better the Magazine each time out and in issue eight I feel we have brought it all together; specific Latex Fashions from such well respected designers, lifestyle reporting, writers and artists and of course our one-of-a-kind models…with a bona field TV star leading the way!”

For more information on the magazine, visit: http://www.vongutenberg.com

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