Which Batman villain is most likely unbeaten on Wordle?

By Dom Smith
By February 23, 2022 Comics, News

A: The Riddler has a penchant for making and completing puzzles.

Here’s a handy infographic guide from ExpressVPN in celebration of The Batman release that looks at the brilliant disguises of Gotham’s most wanted.

Why The Batman is worth talking about:

  • This is the first Batman-centric plot since The Dark Knight Rises, which was released in 2012
  • The Batman is a standalone movie and will not be connected to the recent Justice League and Suicide Squad outings

Batman is one of very few superhero franchises in which villains have disguises. But in Gotham, it’s never clear whether it’s the costumed criminal or the daytime citizen who is the character’s real persona.

Brush up on your villain knowledge ahead of the March 4 release of The Batman, the franchise’s latest film, with this graphic on some of the most popular Batman villains and their split personas.

There are some exceptions, like Joker, who just looks the way he does, and Two-Face, who—it’s complicated. And, yes, scientists and doctors are disproportionately represented on the Batman villain roster.

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