Abandoned Pools ready new album, ‘Sublime Currency’

By July 12, 2012 January 16th, 2017 News, World

Abandoned Pools release their long-awaited third album, ‘Sublime Currency’ on August 28, 2012 via Tooth & Nail Records.

‘Sublime Currency’ is the culmination of the eleven-year journey of Tommy Walter, the songwriter and musician who began the project after leaving eels.

Tommy Walter was bassist and co-founder of the critically acclaimed band eels, who sold well over a million copies of the debut album, ‘Beautiful Freak’.  ‘Sublime Currency’ is the follow up to Abandoned Pools’ 2005 release ‘Armed To The Teeth’, a disc that revealed a songwriter grappling with confusion and darkness. Now, Tommy has answered his own questions, finding solace in his faith and recent marriage.

“This record is more of a joyful record,” expands Walter. “I’m a happier person after I’ve gone through this process. I reached a low point in my life and I think my music now reveals how I overcame that. This record is about feeling like I discovered something that’s important to me.”

Prior to making the album, Tommy concentrated on producing, mixing and songwriting, working with artists, producers and bands such as Sara Bareilles, Ryan Tedder, Backstreet Boys, Better Then Ezra, Mike Simpson of The Dust Brothers, Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse and many more.  When Abandoned Pools signed to Tooth & Nail, fans took to the Internet to proclaim their excitement for Tommy’s return.

Abandoned Pools – ‘Sublime Currency’

1 – ‘Sublime Currency’

2 – ‘Hype Is the Enemy’

3 – ‘Unrehearsed’

4 – ‘Behemoth’

5 – ‘9 Billion’

6 – ‘Autopilot’

7 – ‘In Silence’

8 – ‘Marigolds’

9 – ‘Legionnaire’

10 – ‘From Long Sleep’

11 – ‘In Shadows’

For more information visit the official Abandoned Pools website.