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By October 16, 2008 September 24th, 2013 World

Alex Kane has spoken to SPHERE about developments inside the AP camp, including Kane’s new work with Static-X.

Kane told us that he is very excited about the band’s progress: 

“We’ve finally finished the LP, which we will be releasing early ’09.  I was just asked to play on the new Static-X LP a few weeks ago, which was awesome.”

He said that the band are looking forward to hitting the road next year, and that he is fit and healthy, having recovered from his recent skin condition:

“I expect to hit UK festivals over the summer of ’09.  It’s been over a year since we got to play the UK so I”m crazy looking forward to it and I haven’t had an attack of my skin bullshit in about a month, so all looks super well.”

Check out AntiProduct here, and be sure to check out the AntiProduct blog too for updates and information from Alex himself. 

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