Celldweller set to release fourth instalment of new album and premier over Ustream

By June 21, 2011 September 9th, 2016 World

Independent, hybrid electronic-rock artist Klayton will be releasing ‘Chapter 04’ of the second Celldweller album ‘Wish Upon A Blackstar’ worldwide on July 19, with an exclusive pre-launch at the FiXT Store on June 28. Klayton will be broadcasting both songs from ‘Chapter 04’ in their entirety via a live Ustream video from Celldweller Studios at 8pm EST (2am UK time) on Monday, June 27th (tune in at www.facebook.com/celldweller) as a world debut exclusive before the release at midnight at the FiXT Store (www.fixtstore.com/celldweller).


‘Chapter 04’ of ‘Wish Upon A Blackstar’ is the last digital chapter to be put out before the release of the full album. No prior tracks express Klayton’s knack for hybridising genres as well as these two songs. “I Can’t Wait” melds stuttering dubstep basslines, dynamic percussion, precision glitch edits, and the signature Celldweller guitar attacks and vocal deliveries. ‘Gift For You’, on the other hand, is a departure in its simplicity. Downtempo bass carries the tune, with flourishes of dubstep warble, while sparse and airy guitar notes add accent in between Klayton’s subdued verses.


For more information, visit Celldweller’s official website.



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