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By December 10, 2008 September 24th, 2013 World

The band are about to release ‘Coat Of Arms’ which will be the band’s third studio album.  

The following is taken from their Myspace blog and a statement from vocalist Dearborn:

“Once the Dark Hole Sessions Vol. 2 DVD was behind us it was onto what we had to offer sonically. We revisited our sounds inception, where we currently stood, and where we wanted to take this thing musically. The reflection helped mature our writing process and craft the songs. If you threw our first CD and Unsaved into a blender you would have “Coat Of Arms”, we’ve exploited what was great about those two records and molded them into one. “Coat Of Arms” was very easy to write, it was almost effortless… it just came together, it basically wrote itself.

“In April of 2008 we began stitching together ideas we had developed during sound checks from past tours and wrote on a weekly basis as a collective at our home studios. We also took a hard look at what we needed to push to the forefront within our songs and sound to really raise the bar and give us our own definitive edge. “Coat Of Arms” is a very appropriate title, we feel this release is truly representative of our sound. It came together in less than 6 months which is light speed for us. Unsaved was almost a four year project, it was kinda ridiculous, really drawn out and perhaps not as honest as it could have been. We were still very young and didn’t really know how to write a record together, plus we kept touring off and on which created set backs, it was stop and go for several years. The hurricanes didn’t help either… “

“We’ve completely demoed “Coat Of Arms, its been tracked once front to back and we’ve been routinely posting clips for fans on a monthly basis to give them something to hear and look forward to and of course provide their input. The fans have been pivotal in the albums development, their response and reaction is really helping us evolve and perhaps put forth our best work. We are in the process now of re recording and doing final tracking for “Coat Of Arms”, the sound is simply massive, chock full of thick riffage, distorted beats, heavy synths and big hooks!”

Check out our their studio writing session videos here:

The current track listing is as follows:

1. Coat Of Arms

2. Arm And A Leg

3. Shadows

4. Blood Bags

5. We Fade Forever

6. In Secrecy

7. Breathe For Me

8. The Last Time

9. Scream

10. So Cruel

11. Curtains


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