Devin Townsend posts new rehearsal footage online

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By June 21, 2009 September 24th, 2013 World
Prog-metal maestro Devin Townsend has posted pre-production footage from the sessions for his new four-part solo album, ‘Addicted‘ online.
You can check the videos out below:
Recently, Devin told Metal Hammer that his new album would sound different, “I want to make it sound like the Nickelback record and I want to have chorus’s like the Nickelback record, but I want the lyrics to be about infinity and quantum mechanics.
“The whole point of this is to say ‘sure, that sells but is it the aesthetics that sell or is it you singing about your penis because if it’s you singing about your penis, then I’m going to know right away’. If it’s about the penis then I’m not going to sell shit, but if it’s about the sound then maybe I’ll sell tonnes of it!”
Addicted‘ is the second installment of four following ‘Ki‘ which was released in May.

For more information visit the artist’s Myspace.

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