Dope Stars Inc. release new EP

By February 9, 2009 September 7th, 2016 World

Metropolis Records will be releasing the third album from Dope Stars Inc. this spring. As a prelude comes the double EP, Criminal Intents/Morning Star.

The EP features 15 songs including four new songs and remixes by the likes of KMFDM, Crossbreed, and Mortiis.

The artwork and song selection of Criminal Intents/Morning Star follows a cyberpunk theme where the masses have embraced technology for the good and bad. Mega corporations and outlaw technologists fight for the control of the world through disease, addition, beauty and tranquility.

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Criminal Intents
  2. Digital Warriors
  3. Morning Star
  4. Nothing is Left
  5. Lost (Remix by KMFDM)
  6. Can You Imagine (Remix by Gothminister)
  7. Braindamage (Scumsucker Remix by Mortiis)
  8. Lost (Lovecrave remix)
  9. Braindamage (Remix by Deflore)
  10. Can you imagine (Spiritual Front Cover Version)
  11. Bang Your Head (Remix by Reverend Hellbastard)
  12. Braindamage (Remix by Crossbreed)
  13. Can you imagine (Remix by Violent Diva)
  14. Jasmine & Rose (Cover Version)
  15. Vyperpunk (Demo version)

For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.