Earthtone9 to release greatest hits album

By May 24, 2010 September 8th, 2016 World

Nottingham’s Earthtone9 are set to release a greatest hits album entitled: ‘Inside, Embers Glow‘ which includes the band’s best tracks from 1998 until 2002 for free with a special digipack version available for £5.99.


2010 is the ten year anniversary of their defining album – ‘Arc’ Tan’ Gent‘. And in a completely surprise move, the band have re-emerged from what looked like total annihilation.

This is not a rebirth,” laughs bassist Dave Anderson. “We just got old and wise enough to appreciate that we did something pretty good together, and it was worth celebrating. We’re not reforming as such. More reconnecting as friends, and leaving ourselves open to the occasional show to remind people that we fu**ing ruled once.”

Vocalist Karl Middleton adds: “Most of our releases are hard to find now, so we thought that a compilation would be a cool reminder of what we were about. The tunes that we’ve chosen are the ones that either still stand up or have an extra special place in our hearts…or both. I’m sure that some people will disagree with our choices, and that’s cool, but we wrote the songs so we know best.”

For more information and further updates, visit the official website.