Former Nine Inch Nails drummers to guest on new WVM record

By March 23, 2012 September 9th, 2016 World

WVM, the electronic rock project of a US-based multi-instrumentalist (who also creates under the moniker WVM), will unleash a new album this year. The record, titled ‘The End Is Only The Beginning’ has no definite release date as of yet, but the tracklisting as it stands is available below. The collection will feature former Nine Inch Nails member and Tweaker mastermind Chris Vrenna (pictured) on drums for three songs. A Perfect Circle (and former NIN) sticksman Josh Freese will also feature on four tracks from the record.


The tracklisting is as follows:

1A – ‘Limitless (Featuring Chris Vrenna and Josh Freese)’
1B – ‘The End Is Only the Beginning (Featuring Josh Freese)’
2 – ‘Escapism (Featuring Josh Freese)’
3 – ‘Black Sun (Featuring Chris Vrenna)’
4 – ‘Anti Me And You’
5 – ‘Ex Machina’
6 – ‘Transcend’
7 – ‘When Universes Collide (Featuring Josh Freese)’
8 – ‘For A Better Tomorrow (Featuring Josh Freese)’
9 – ‘Everlasting’
10 – ‘Vimanas’
11 – ‘Something In The Water (Featuring Chris Vrenna)’
12 – ‘Synchronicity’
13 – ‘Jupiter’

Speaking about his collaboration with Chris Vrenna, WVM says: “I’m very happy to have Chris Vrenna playing drums on my tracks, he’s one of my favourite all time musicians and an amazing artist. I would consider this new album to be my first legitimate recording even though it’s still self-financed. Everything I have done in the past was done with a demo attitude in my mind and done very quickly, this next album is the first time I approach making an album with great patience and extreme focus at heart to create something that transcends.”

For more information visit the official WVM Facebook.

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