Final instalment of ‘The State Of Music’ records to be released in November

By October 23, 2012 November 28th, 2016 News, World

‘The State of Music Volume 5’ is the final collection from the Choose My Music record label. It showcases the best in independent artists or bands from each of the fifty states of the USA. This, the last of the albums in the series, will be released on November 9 and will be available via the State of Music Website and all major digital download and streaming sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Bandcamp).

As with the previous editions, all profits will be donated to Camden Calling, a London based charity dedicated to improving the lives of the homeless and vulnerable through music and art. The State Of Music creator and Choose My Music founder, Dominik Paczko says, “This unique project has not only bought new music to the ears of many, but has also raised some much needed money.” You can find more information about this charity on the Camden Calling website.

‘The State Of Music Volume 5’ Tracklisting

1. Snake! Snake! Snakes! – ‘Outsider’ (Arizona)

2. Furrows – ‘Sweet Anathesia’ (Mississippi)

3. Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass – ‘Oh My God’ (Vermont)

4. Justin Paul Lewis – ‘Salt’ (Kentucky)

5. Interior Sea – ‘Contemporary Sky Blue’ (Kansas)

6. The Rubbish Zoo – ‘I Don’t Know Where I Go’ (Wyoming)

7. The Duke Of Norfolk – ‘A Mortal Ballad’ (Arkansas)

8. Faith In Foxholes – ‘The Downside Of Paris’ (New Mexico)

9. Welwing – ‘Leaving’ (Hawaii)

10. F.Stokes – ‘My Simple’ (New York)

For more information please visit the State of Music Website.