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IAMX will be releasing ‘Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK‘, a compilation of reworkings, covers, and remixes of tracks from their full-length album, ‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction‘ (2009) on May 11, 2010 on Metropolis Records.


IAMX has been remixed in the past but I was never much involved in choosing the artists and somehow it always fell short of my expectations,” says Chris. “This is the first time I put my attention to it. Sometimes I am the child in the candy shop with all the tingling excitement, and sometimes my anti-industry-anti-people cynicism kicks in. But I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be disappointed with this collection of oddballs.

“I am always restless with my versions of my songs,” Chris further explains. “It seems impossible to be 100 per cent comfortable with the final mix, so producing the tracks again in different forms gives me a second chance. My disease is wanting to dress up the tracks in every style at the same time and therefore never being content. In some ways, allowing others to come up with their own interpretations is very freeing. The responsibility is taken away from me and I can enjoy my music from a clean perspective. The closest I get to hearing my music for the first time like everybody else does. But I do always relish the chance to deconstruct myself and play the role of the studio mad professor.”

The tracklisting is below:

01 – ‘Nature Of Inviting ‘– Black Light Odyssey
03 -‘You Can Be Happy’ – Combichrist
04 – ‘Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction’ – Aesthetic Perfection
05 – ‘The Great Shipwreck Of Life’ – Pull Out Kings
06 – ‘Tear Garden’ – UNFALL ART DECO
07 – ‘Think Of England’ – Miss Derringer
08 – ‘The Stupid, The Proud’ – Index
09 – ‘My Secret Friend’ – Omega Man
10 – ‘I Am Terrified’ – Alec Empire
11 – ‘An I For An I’ – UNFALL X-Mess
12 – ‘Nature Of Inviting’ – Terence Fixmer
13 – ‘Running’ – Cook/Kirby

Watch the video for ‘Think Of England‘ below:

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