Murderdolls to reform in the future?

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By January 17, 2009 September 7th, 2016 World

In a recent interview with Dirty Rock Magazine Wednesday 13 said that he would not rule out another Murderdolls album, below you can read an extract from the interview and see a live video.

Dirty Rock Magazine: Back when Acey Slade joined you on tour during that time you were injured, did you guys talk about Murderdolls and is that something you’d like to revisit someday?

Wednesday 13: I’ve always talked about it and I keep in touch with some of the guys. But at that time when Acey came back to the band for a bit, neither one of us had talked to Joey (Jordison; Slipknot drummer and Murderdolls guitarist) for quite some time. It was always kind of, well, we’ll see what happens one day. I’ve been in touch with Joey more in the past few months than I have been in the past few years and I’m just kind of waiting to see what happens with Slipknot when it’s done. I told Joey that if he’s into doing another Murderdolls album, I’m 100 percent for doing it. So hopefully if he gets the free time when Slipknot is done touring for the latest album, maybe if it’s a possibility of doing that and I would love to do that.



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