New Dir En Grey video!

By November 8, 2008 January 9th, 2017 World

“Dozing Green”, the new video from Japan’s DIR EN GREY, can be viewed HERE on youtube. The clip was helmed by by the band’s longtime director Hiroyuki Kondo and took two and a half months to create, from filming to post-production.

“Being one of the most renown in its genre, the manga depicts cruel imagery of a battle for survival by a group of elementary school children,” guitarist Kaoru told Headbangers Blog.

“The story was also adopted into a Japanese drama series with a more modern twist. We are actually fans of Mr. Umezu‘s works and simply wanted to use his manga in our video. The play in the video shows puppets in an imaginary world created using ‘fumie,’ or the ‘step-on stone.’ ‘Fumie’ are originally stones with carvings of Christ or the Virgin Mary used in the Edo period by officials of the Japanese government to reveal practicing Catholics and sympathizers.”