New Suicide Commando album out now

By February 12, 2010 September 8th, 2016 World

Suicide Commando‘s latest album ‘Implements Of Hell‘ is out now via Out Of Line Records.


The tracklisting is below.

  1. ‘Intro’
  2. ‘The Pleasures Of Sin’
  3. ‘The Dying Breed’
  4. ‘Die Motherf**ker Die’
  5. ‘Death Cures All Pain’
  6. ‘God Is In The Rain’
  7. ‘Hate Me (Retaliate V1.0)’
  8. ‘Come Down With Me’
  9. ‘Severed Head’
  10. ‘The Perils Of Indifference’
  11. ‘Until We Die (Album Edit)’

For more information visit the official website.