NIN acquire a new drummer for 2009

By November 16, 2008 January 9th, 2017 World

Lost Prophets drummer Ilan Rubin will be taking his talent to another band, NINE INCH NAILS to be precise. The transition will take place in the early days of 2009.

NINE INCH NAIL’S current drummer Josh Freese, who was drafted into the band in late 2005, will be leaving the band at the end of their latest tour around North America.

Trent Reznor has been updating the NINE INCH NAIL’S website in regards to the change in the bands line-up, “I had the chance to see Ilan playing his ass off at Reading and Reading [festivals in the UK] a couple summers ago and he blew me away. We recently invited him out to rehearse with us and he blew US away — the perfect guy to pick up the sticks after Josh leaves us at the end of the year.”

“As of January, NIN is my full-time thing,” Rubin stated on the Rock Sound web site. “I know that I’m not just a stand-in, I’ll be there for whatever needs to be done, so that’s my new position. LOSTPROPHETS are fans of NINE INCH NAILS so I can say that there are no hard feelings. I’ll be able to leave on a positive note and remain friends with everybody.”

Rubin, 20, the new addition to NINE INCH NAILS began playing drums at the age of 8! Drumming became an interest to him when he found the 1968 Silver Sparkle Ludwig drum kit that belonged to his father set up in the garage. It has been rumoured that Rubin has taken lessons from Travis Barker of BLINK 182 and David Uosikkinen, the drummer of THE HOOTERS, an 80’s band. Rubin’s talents don’t just stop at drumming though; he has also proved himself to be a classical pianist and an accomplished guitarist.


Words: Victoria Walker