Nitzer Ebb post a statement about the future

By April 8, 2009 October 27th, 2016 World

Nitzer Ebb have commented on their latest material and the delays that the band are experiencing. On their website, the post reads:

“As far as the NE release goes, the band are still moving forward. Obviously the financial situation has slowed things down in many regards. The album has been complete for some time, including title, artwork, everything is ready to go basically. NEP want to make sure that we release it in the best possible situation and they are close to finalizing that.

“If the band don’t find a satisfactory solution externally, they’ll self release on ebb’s own label, but again, that takes time, (and money), to set up properly.

“Nitzer Ebb are aware that the album has been a while coming. Bon and Douglas are working on doing a release of some sort of material in the meantime. Maybe remixes, extra tracks or somesuch, while they finalise the details of the album release. At this point they have a lot of material to
choose from. Regardless of the business bullshit, the band think it’s a great Ebb album and they are very eager to get it out and start playing it live on tour.”

For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.