Norway’s 22 set to release new ‘Plastik’ EP

By April 15, 2011 September 25th, 2013 World

22 are an eclectic and experimental rock four-piece from Norway. Born from the ashes of Norwegian Grammy Award-winning band Gåte, the group is the new creative endeavor and brainchild of guitarist Magnus Børmark.


The band will release their self-produced, heavy-edged and euphoric debut UK EP ‘Plastik’ on Best Before Records (Sharks, Johnny Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd) on July 4 and will make their first UK appearance at this year’s The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City festivals. The EP was mixed by acclaimed US producer, Machine (Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy).


Musically, 22 play a heavy-edged and euphoric mix of high-end, dramatic pop and technically expansive rock. It’s the mathematical and downright progressive insanity of the Mars Volta, Blood Brothers and Refused with a keen pop sensibility and strong desire for experimentation a la Muse, Queen or Radiohead. “We are conveying a new kind of energy through our music, ” states Magnus cryptically. “Our inspiration comes from experiments and experiences with polyphasic sleep, astral projection, breathing and channeling.”


The EP tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘Plastik’

2. ‘Oxygen’

3. ‘Gotodo’


4. ‘Mind Vs. Mind’

5. ‘Power Is So Yesterday’


For more information visit the official MySpace.