Paradise Lost album update

By December 18, 2008 August 12th, 2020 World

Goth metal icons PARADISE LOST are currently preparing the recordings for their highly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s “In Requiem”.

Vocalist Nick Holmes announced on their website:

“We are very happy with [producer] Rhys Fulber’s work on the last album [‘In Requiem’], but after working on three albums together, we decided it was time to go for a different approach. After hearing the work he did with our ‘Anatomy Of Melancholy’ live DVD, we decided that Jens Bogren was the man for the job. In February we will venture to Sweden to begin recording the album in Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden.

“There is no full-time replacement for [drummer] Jeff [Singer] as yet, but as far as the album is concerned, the drum stool will be occupied by another Swede — Peter Damin. Sweden hails some of the best metal musicians in the world and Peter is no exception. We really look forward to working with him and his input on the album.

“Our approach this time has leaned even more towards the heavier side of things, even more so than the last. It is vital not to loose touch with our musical trip over the last 20 years. Our music may have had different facelifts, but it has always been ‘dark’ and the new album will be no exception. Musically and lyrically.

“Writing a new album is always exciting; we never get bored of writing music, and for me, it is the best part of being in a band. Each album is like a challenge to better ourselves, or at the very least, do something that’s different to everyone else. We strive to make the ultimate modern gothic metal album, and for me that has nothing to do with the common trend of ‘romance’ and ‘roses.’ It should be music to be murdered by.”

For more information check out the band’s Myspace and website.