Rob Zombie album scheduled for November

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By August 31, 2009 September 24th, 2013 World

Rob Zombie has said that his latest album should see the light of day in November.


The film-maker and vocalist recently told The Pulse of Radio that he was still figuring out the title but that there is a confirmed release date of November 10. He said, “It’s a great record. It’s probably my favorite record ever, because for the first time since like the last White Zombie record, I made a record with a band. You know, all my solo records have been real solo records, like, you know, there’s pictures of people on the record but they didn’t play on the record.” He added, “This has been the same four guys now for four years and it’s all of us really, we really were in a room jamming and making something, and more special things come out that way.”

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