Sharks ready debut album

By August 3, 2010 September 25th, 2013 World

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Sharks are set to release their debut EP ‘Show Of Hands’ through Best Before on October 18.


Their musical influences may range from The Buzzcocks, The Clash, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Husker Du, Black Flag.

Andy (Bayliss, guitar) states: “I’m obsessed with songs. It’s a constant fascination, seeking out the design and the art of great songs. I’m always trying to write better music, and James is always trying to write better lyrics. ‘Show Of Hands’ wasn’t written for the punk scene, or the indie scene, or for anyone in particular – It’s a record that was written for us.” Vocalist James (Mattock) adds: “We believe in an uncompromised art to be embraced by any one who wants to listen. We don’t seem to fit too comfortably in any particular music scene anyway, and we’ll continue to take it as a compliment and to be our own.”

The tracklisting for ‘Show Of Hands follows:


‘Three Houses’

‘More Blue’

‘It All Relates’

‘Glove In Hand’ (featuring Spencer from Trash Talk on vocals)

For more information visit the official website.