Skinlab to stream new album this week

By August 10, 2009 September 21st, 2014 World

San Francisco metal quartet  Skinlab are giving fans a taste of their new album, ‘The Scars Between Us‘  for 72 hours starting on Wednesday August 12, the album will be streaming in its entirety on the bands official MySpace page.


Due to MySpace restrictions the first 10 songs will be posted and Skinlab will be rotating in the 11th song on the album, half way through the 72 hour preview.

Produced by Juan Urteaga and Skinlab guitarist Snake at Trident Studios, ‘The Scars Between Us‘ is the band’s Stand And Deliver Records debut. The album will be hitting stores in the USA and Canada on September 15, with Worldwide release dates to follow.

Vocalist Steev Esquivel commented: “Were a little less then a month away from the release of ‘The Scars Between Us‘, and we are super stoked to stream the whole album. We are really proud of this album and wanted to give our fans a preview of what Skinlab is about is 2009!”

For more information visit the band’s MySpace. Read our interview here.

Check out the video for ‘In For The Kill’ below: