The Birthday Massacre to release live DVD/CD

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By January 2, 2009 June 26th, 2016 World

Canadian Goth-rockers The Birthday Massacre will be releasing a live DVD and CD of their Hamburg, Germany ‘Walking With Strangers’ show in 2007.

The official statement reads..

“Hello Everyone,

We want to tell you that we will be releasing a “live” CD and DVD of our Hamburg Show from the Walking With Strangers tour of 2007. We have been working on the files for a few months and we feel confident that we can release a product that comes up to our standard and one that our fans will appreciate. The DVD will be 5.1 Sound for the best live effect. We have not decided whether to release them separately or as a package….. we will let you know when we know!

As well….. we have been working on a brand new record and we feel confident it will be ready in the Fall of 09. We have written most of the songs and we are in the process of recording. We feel that this record will be another step along our path and we hope that it is received with the same enthusiasm that our previous releases have been.

Because of all this work, we are not going be able to tour for the next few months but…. as with the last record, once we get out on the road we will probably stay there for the next couple of years.

We are only able to do these projects because of the people who have reached into their pockets and spent some of their hard earned money to hear us, see us or wear us. We thank all of you for your support and we are constantly aware that you are part of our what we do in a very important way. We know that people are discovering us every day because of the messages we receive, but our best way of getting the word out is through you, the people who already know us. We hope you will help us to reach more people this year and hopefully we can go to more places in promotion of these records.

We wish you all a great new year and keep checking for further updates.”

Please check out the Myspace and Website for more information.

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