The Black Ghosts to release second album

By June 20, 2011 December 21st, 2014 World

The Black Ghosts are Theo ‘Fake Blood’ Keating and Simon ‘Skywave’ Lord. It’s a project that see’s Simon’s song writing and Theo’s electronic production skills join forces to make the 2011 album, ‘When Animals Stare’, released July 18.


‘When Animals Stare’ is the second album from the illusive two-piece. Simon’s delicate writing and voice accompanied by Theo’s subtle, lo-fi, hip hop, dub and electro influenced productions; make the indie-pop, electro-folk-tech long record.


Theo has been busy as ‘Fake Blood’, a hard-hitting electro-tech DJ with a cult following. The debut Fake Blood album comes out later in the year on Blood Music. Simon, on the other hand is primarily a singer-songwriter and Simian (‘We Are Your Friends’) band member. He has also worked with the likes of SMD and Rafter Roberts, as well as setting up Lord Skywave productions.


The Black Ghosts formed and released their self-titled debut back in 2008. It was an underground expedition into the electro world of indie-pop that was received well, at both press and radio. However it was album track ‘Full Moon’ being used in the opening scene of cult US vampire flick, ‘Twilight’ and the triple-platinum original soundtrack that followed, that really catapulted the band on to the world stage.


To stream a sampler of the new album, ‘When Animals Stare’ click here.



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