The Undertones release singles collection and teach fans to pogo

By April 5, 2011 August 15th, 2016 World

It’s been 33 years since The Undertones ripped a Derry-shaped hole in the public consciousness with ‘Teenage Kicks’, a perfectly crafted pop/punk-straddling tour de force and John Peel’s favourite ever song. Though their debut set the bar impossibly high, the hits didn’t stop with it: ‘True Confessions’ catalogues all of the band’s singles from ‘Teenage Kicks’ to ‘Jimmy Jimmy’; ‘My Perfect Cousin’ to ‘Here Comes The Summer’ and more, together with all their fantastic B-sides.

The collection includes a 16-page full colour booklet with liner notes from Paul Lester and track-by-track comments from band member Michael Bradley. The tracklisting is below. To celebrate the release of ‘True Confessions: Singles = A’s + B’s’ this week, the band have uploaded a instructional video teaching your average music fan “how to pogo” alongside their classic single ‘Teenage Kicks’.




1. ‘Teenage Kicks’

2. ‘True Confessions’

3. ‘Smarter Than You’

4. ‘Emergency Cases’

5. ‘Get Over You’

6. ‘Really Really’

7. ‘She Can Only Say No’

8. ‘Jimmy Jimmy’

9. ‘Mars Bars’

10. ‘Here Comes The Summer’

11. ‘One Way Love’

12. ‘Top Twenty’

13. ‘You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It!)’

14. ‘Let’s Talk About Girls’

15. ‘My Perfect Cousin’

16. ‘Hard Luck (Again)’

17. ‘I Don’t Wanna See (You Again)’



1. ‘Wednesday Week’

2. ‘I Told You So’

3. ‘It’s Going To Happen’

4. ‘Fairly In The Money Now’

5. ‘Julie Ocean’

6. ‘Kiss In The Dark’

7. ‘Beautiful Friend’

8. ‘Life’s Too Easy’

9. ‘The Love Parade’

10. ‘Like That’

11. ‘Got To Have You Back’

12. ‘Turning Blue’

13. ‘Bye Bye Baby Blue’

14. ‘Chain Of Love’

15. ‘Window Shopping For New Clothes’


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Watch the aforementioned video right now below: