Veil Veil Vanish get Euro release

By November 12, 2010 September 25th, 2013 World

After releasing the debut album ‘Change In The Neon Light‘ of San Francisco’s Veil Veil Vanish on November 5 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Dependent today confirms that January 28th, 2011 is the release date for the other European countries.


The debut album propels the band forward into a new and dynamic territory. From the first, exquisite darkpop single ‘Anthem For A Doomed Youth‘ to the intense staccato of ‘Modern Lust‘ to the plaintive shimmer of ‘Pharmaceutical Party Platform‘ to the propulsive drum front of the title track, their first full-length LP ‘Change In The Neon Light‘ is rife with percussive rhythms and hooks, enveloped in swaths of layered guitars.

This is not just another post-punk or shoegaze album,” explains vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Keven Tecon. “It’s pushing those genre’s further. Even into the relm of pop music. It’s a concept album, yet each song can work on its own.”


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