WWE’s Street Profits talk about success, legacy and more

By September 8, 2022 Features, Interviews, News, Wrestling

The Street Profits talk to SOUNDSPHERE’s Dom Smith about how they define legacy, and success as performers.


“Success is doing what The Street Profits do each and every week, stepping foot in the ring, on TV and in everybody’s homes. We bring the smoke! That’s success right there,” says Angelo Dawkins, brimming with confidence. “Even in the dictionary, failure is before success, so don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to try, until you succeed.” 


“Legacy means a lot,” says Dawkins. “Legacy for me, means us becoming Triple Crown Champions yet again. Having the legacy we had in NXT, and taking that to Raw, and Smackdown.”

“The legacy is your resume,” says Montez Ford. “It’s what everybody reads when you are no longer here, or no longer doing what you are doing now. It’s what you leave behind, that passion and what you give [to the world].”

The Profits’ connection

“At the end of the day, we are brothers,” says Dawkins, passionately, when quizzed about The Street Profits connection to each other. “Brothers don’t split, you know? We’ve had each other’s backs since day one. I came into NXT in 2012, and Montez came in 2015/16, and we have been brothers ever since. Whatever happens, happens and we will always have each other’s backs. The focus is still the same though, and that’s becoming Undisputed Tag Team Champions.”

Addressing the constant rumours of a potential SP breakup, Montez says that they don’t really pay much attention to “the noise”: “We just try to pay attention to what we need to do as a tag team, accomplishing more goals, and blocking out that noise. It gets a little distracting sometimes.”

Listen to the full audio chat below, which features a message for The Street Profits’ fans in the UK, and around the world: