22 ready new ‘Kneel Estate’ EP for November

By October 13, 2011 September 7th, 2016 York

Following on from their much-acclaimed debut ‘Plastik’ EP, the mighty Norwegian four-piece 22 are all set to release a brand new, 5-track EP, ‘Kneel Estate’ on November 22, all brand new songs, ‘Kneel Estate’ is filled with more ideas and musical directions. Guitarist Magnus explains: “The music we make is not made by us. We see it more like a download-process, from a shared creative current that everyone can tap into if they so choose. Sometimes we say “What the f**k just happened?”, when we listen to something we have just created. Because none of us understand what we have made or how we made it. It is sort of a channelling process.”


Look out for the Stephen Agnew (White Lies, The Vaccines, Pulled Apart By Horses) directed ‘Kneel Estate’ video coming soon, which sees the band and an aged, white bearded spiritual guru, offering help through the TV screen. Magnus explains the reason behind the idea: “I got very much into alternative circles as a teenager. And I attended every workshop and seminar in healing, channeling, crystals, breathing, meditation, yoga and so on, that I could come across. So in my teens I spent a lot of time amidst 40 plus-aged women in their search for spiritual fulfillment. Over the years, maybe the most valuable piece of wisdom that I gleaned from studying all these different techniques and methods for enlightenment, was that you left every workshop feeling that you needed to go to the next one to get a little closer to what you are seeking. But you never get there, no matter how many retreats or seminars you attend. That is how the alternative industry sustains itself. It’s like diets and weight loss programs: If they worked, they wouldn’t exist. There wouldn’t be a need for them.”


22 have recently toured and conquered most of Europe, as well as headline festivals across Norway. They have just returned from a triumphant first tour of Japan and will be heading off across Europe with Guano Apes throughout all of October. The band will also be back over in the UK (following up their May visit to The Great Escape and sold-out Barfly debut London show) in November as special guests to Arcane Roots on their November UK headline tour.


For more information and UK tour dates visit the official 22 Facebook.