Check out Soundsphere magazine’s ‘Things To Come’ CD!

By August 30, 2010 December 15th, 2016 York

You can now buy the new Soundsphere magazine CD featuring the very best alternative and electronic acts from the north of England.


We are proud to announce the release of our CD ‘Things To Come‘ which features the best and brightest alternative electronic acts from the north of England.

Editor Dom Smith comments: “I wanted to go back to the magazine’s roots with this CD and feature the darker bands that helped us get started. We have evolved and now we cover most everything within the alternative, rock, goth, metal and electronic genres, but we did start out as a very goth and industrial-centric publication and so this is a homage to those days and to the great bands that we have on offer in the north of England.”

The CD has been released on Armalyte Records and was mastered by Adam Thompson at Hateswitch Inc. Artwork, graphics and layouts by Cyrus Crashtest.

The CD is currently available at Heaven Forbid in York or via request to: [email protected] at a cost of £2.50 (including postage and packaging). You can make payments via PayPal.

The official tracklisting is as follows:

Death By Electro Giants – ‘F*ck The Wreckage’

Derkoi – ‘Your Lies’

Digicore – ‘Obey’

Concrete Lung – ‘Destructive’

KIK – ‘Sting’

Testtone3 – ‘Goin’ Down’

A-FX – ‘Do It Like You Mean It’

UberByte – ‘Last Human’

Zeitgeist Zero – ‘Party For One’

sevendaysofnight – ‘Violence Is Golden’

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Now available via MusicNonStop!