Eddy Temple-Morris and Rob Holliday to perform at Soundsphere magazine event

By Imogen Bell
By July 28, 2014 August 25th, 2016 News, York

Soundsphere caught up with not one, but two, music legends in the run-up to our event at The Duchess on September 12. Losers member, XFM DJ and music guru Eddy Temple-Morris, as well as current guitarist for The Prodigy, Rob Holliday, spoke to the mag about their expectations for the upcoming night of dark electronic rock and ripped beats.


S] You’re both used to playing large events and huge festivals. How does The Duchess, a small independent music venue, compare?

ETM] “They are two very different animals. Large events are great, but in intimate venues being able to see the whites of the audience’s eyes can be very powerful.”

RH] “For me, the only difference is the amount of people attending. I make sure to give the same full-on energy whether to a room of fifty or a festival of fifty-thousand, it doesn’t matter which band I am with – I give 100 every time.”


Have you ever played York before? What has drawn you to play in the city?

ETM: “I’ve never played York, but Tom (Bellamy) must have done with The Cooper Temple Clause, while Paul (Mullen) similarly with Yourcodenameis:milo. There’s a general rule with touring: the further away you get from London, the better the crowd, so this gig should be great. What drew us to the gig was the sheer enthusiasm of Soundsphere for what we do – they really get us, more than anyone, so we were really keen to make this happen.”

RH] “I don’t DJ often, instead I just choose the gigs which seem interesting to me. I rather like York, so I thought it would be a good one.”

How would you describe your music to someone who hadn’t heard it before, in ten words or fewer?

ETM: Dark, epic, electronic rock used by Game Of Thrones. [This is actually true, Losers track Azan was used on a recent GoT trailer!]

RH] “I prefer to keep everyone guessing. It’ll be a nice mix of old and new rock and metal. I have no claim – or desire – to be a typical ‘DJ’ – I just like playing music that myself and others are into, so it feels like one big house party.”

Finally, what are you most excited to play for the audience at the gig?

ETM: “We haven’t decided on the set-list just yet, but the new album is going so well who knows? We just might debut a new track…”

RH: “I’ll be playing a mix of old and new rock and metal!”

The Soundsphere event will be held on September 12, 2014 at The Duchess, York. With a line up including Losers, Rob Holliday, Endoflevelbaddie, Rosie, and Paris XY, the night is set to deliver an exciting mix of beats and live music. Tickets are available here.

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