Henge announce a tonne of UK tour dates and ‘Goldilocks’

By July 29, 2021 News, York

HENGE will beam their space-rave message of hope to audiences at more than 40 live spaces over the next three months – starting with festivals this weekend. (Full dates and details are included below.)

To mark the beginning of the tour, the intergalactic joy mongers have released a new single and video for “Goldilocks”. A space-rave oddity in search of a cosmic sweet-spot, it’s a love song dedicated to the so-called Goldilocks Zone – the habitable region around a star where the temperature is just right for life to evolve. The track also comes with an out-of-this world remix from exciting Manchester-based producer Shunya (listen here), who will also support HENGE on the ‘ExoKosm’ tour.

Featuring synth lines dripping with acid and angular vocoder-led melodies that ascend to glorious crescendo, “Goldilocks” is one of the many highlights to be discovered on HENGE’s magnificent second album: ExoKosm.

Picking up where their acclaimed debut ‘Attention Earth!’ left off, ExoKosm is once again an exploration into the sacred alien art form known as ‘Cosmic Dross’. Although there are currently no human words that adequately describe the art form, it features thundering drums, clothes-shredding bass, whacked-out synths and singing that lays bare the joy of life.

While ‘Attention Earth!’ saw the band deliver a message for Earthlings to lay down weapons of war in favour of space exploration, ExoKosm prepares humans for the voyage into the unknown.

As HENGE frontman, Zpor, explains:

“With ExoKosm we offer a message of hope for humankind, a soundtrack for the joyful exploration of space. Turn your gaze to the stars and you will experience the thrill of discovering new worlds beyond your solar system. In doing so you will also learn to cherish the sacred soil of Planet Earth.”

Among its seven tracks are singles “Get Outta Ma House” – a gibberish hip-hop banger – and “Exo”, which features a video made entirely from HENGE fan-art submitted by their dedicated ‘ravelings’. The drawings were swapped for an official HENGE comic as part of an innovative art exchange.

HENGE came to Earth six years ago to spread their message of peace, love and harmony through Cosmic Dross. Hailed with ‘reinventing space-rock for the 21st century’, the band’s unforgettable live shows blend science fiction, psychedelia and theatre. Converting thousands of fans at memorable performances across the UK and Europe, HENGE were also honoured with the accolade of ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards.

HENGE will play the following dates this year:



31st    –     Farmfest    – Somerset    – SOLD OUT


1st    –     Valley Fest        – Somerset

14th    –     Arts by the Sea – Summer Season    – Bournemouth

20th    –     Beautiful Days        – Devon    – SOLD OUT

21st    –     Just So Festival        – Cheshire

28th    –     Shambino        – Northamptonshire

29th    –     Solfest        – Cumbria


4th    –     Audiofarm    – Kidderminster

15th    –     The Junction    – Cambridge

17th    –     Spectacular Beast: Mabon Festival    – Somerset

18th    –     Pig’s Nose Inn    – Devon

19th    –     Balter Festival    – Chepstow

23rd    –     Hare and Hounds    – Birmingham

24th    –     Chalk    – Brighton

26th    –     Trades Club (Matinee)    – Hebden Bridge    – SOLD OUT

26th    –     Trades Club (Evening)    – Hebden Bridge    – SOLD OUT

28th    –     Colchester Arts Centre    – Colchester

29th    –     Village Underground    – London

30th    –     Wedgewood Rooms    – Portsmouth


1st    –     The Junction    – Plymouth

2nd    –     The Old Bakery (Matinee)    – Truro

2nd    –     The Old Bakery (Evening)    – Truro

3rd    –     Trinity Centre (Matinee)    – Bristol

3rd    –     Trinity Centre (Evening)    – Bristol

7th    –     Bodega    – Nottingham

8th    –     FOCUS WALES    – Wrexham

9th    –     Foundry    – Sheffield

10th    –     New Continental    – Preston

14th    –     Brudenell Social Club    – Leeds

15th    –     The Crescent    – York

16th    –     Stroud Shindig    – Stroud

17th    –     Foxlowe Arts Centre    – Leek

22nd    –     Room 2    – Glasgow

23rd    –     Brewery Arts (Matinee)    – Kendal

23rd    –     Brewery Arts (Evening)    – Kendal

24th    –     O2 Academy    – Oxford

26th    –     The Globe    – Cardiff

27th    –     The Phoenix    – Exeter

28th    –     Albert’s Shed    – Shrewsbury

29th    –     Future Year    – Birkenhead

30th    –     Academy 2 – (Matinee)    – Manchester

30th    –     Academy 2 – (Evening)    – Manchester


5th    –     Cobalt    – Newcastle


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